3 Years Extended Warranty for Flat Panel TV under $1,000

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3 Years Extended Warranty for Flat Panel TV under $1,000


100% parts and labor coverage

Each product is covered for 100% parts and labor for mechanical or electrical failures. If a product cannot be repaired or is more economical to replace, it will be replaced or the product purchase price will be reimbursed.

Power surge protection, no-lemon guarantee, and food loss protection

If your major appliance is damaged as a result of a power surge during the term of your contract, the product will be covered for service.If the product has had three service repairs completed and a fourth repair is required within any 12-month period following the manufacturer's warranty, the product will be replaced with a product of like kind and quality.


1. How long after buying the product can Customer get an extended service plan?

With a one-year parts-and-labor manufacturer's original warranty:

Up to nine months from date of purchase With a 90-day labor warranty:

Within the first 30 days from date of purchase Exception

All accidental policies, furniture, commercial add-on policies, and export policies covering the manufacturer's warranty outside the U.S.:

At time of sale

2. If a Customer buys an item at another store, can they still purchase the service plan?

Yes. It doesn't matter where a customer buys the item.

3. If customer buys a service plan, then moves to another part of the country or outside of the U.S. Are they still covered?

Service plans go with the customer.

They are good in other countries, but no longer have "on-site" or "in-home" provisions. International warranty-holders are reimbursed for claims because international services are not paid directly.

4. If Customer transfers their product to another person, can they transfer their service plan as well?

Yes. A nominal charge of $25 allows them to transfer any remaining coverage to another person within 10 days of the product's transfer.